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October 6th


It is a Podcast “Double Header”Leaning to be Happy. Tom Nardone on the SeeinADHD podcast





Tom Nardone with Jenna Knight

October 5th

October 4th


October 1.

Today is the first day of October. Yvonne are leaving for Charleston for the last time for a while Tuesday. These appointments are about pathology and treatment option. These are the really important appointments. This where I learn about my furture


Sept 22

The hardest 12 minutes of my Life

 Sept. 20th

Nurse Mackenzie

Well have I got a lot of work ahead of me. I speak as a child. I am told that when the swelling go down it will  improve.

The is Mackenzie. This is my nurse she is getting me ready to check out tomorrow morning.

YAY! We leave tomorrow.


Sept 19th

09:00am-10:00am – Check-in for pre-op

10:00am – 04:00pm  Surgery

Sept. 18th

10:00am –

Yvonne and I left to make the drive go to Charleston. We stopped in Columbia to meet with one our favorite listeners. Her name is Happy Faith Little. She has worked tirelessly on a hat in the shape of a brain for me and literally was still knitting and driving on the way to see us in order to have it done in time. We waited for two hours but it was well worth it.


6:00pm – Dinner with Mom, Galen, Carolyn and Phil.

7:30pm – Tom to bed Tom Nardone live with Dr, Kirsten Milliken

8:30pm Tom Nardone Live with Dr Kirsten Milliken. (with swear words)


Sept 17th

8:00pm –

My store manager Chris Abdella along with the rest of the managers and my fellow associates. changed the purpose of our twice-a-year Success Share Meeting into a Tom Nardone Brain Surgery Fundraiser meeting. I had know idea this had been done until I got there and saw the dunk tank they rented as people bought tickets for softballs to dunk those that volunteered to be dunked. Home Depot will be matching funds and more humble I could not have been to see this. Thank You to all of you at The Home Depot.

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