Nardone v/s Nardone | You Be the Judge!!


We are trying something a little bit different here today at I am Tom Nardone. Today my wife and I had our first “I-gument” I coined that word as far as I know, so I will  explain what I mean. an “I-gument” is like an argument that you have on an Ipod or an Iphone via text message. Today you get to be the beneficiary of our little disagreement.

Normally you get to sit back, relax , and get a double dose of awesomeness. Today I am asking for you do do the thinking as I sit back and relax. I want the truth from you people. No judgement no dirty looks from me. I want you to view the conversation, compare it to your own system of common sense, and then, weigh in and vote.

I know I have blogged against the idea of voting before and now I am asking you to vote. If you can see your way clear of my own personal hypocrisy, I think we can all enjoy this.

Depending on its reception and/or how angry my wife gets when she wakes up tomorrow and sees this, we might just have our first  series here. I can almost taste the excitement

This was initiated by Yvonne from the MD-360 medical center. I was at home working tirelessly on a very important project.

when all of a sudden…

 2013-11-15 15.27.35  4.1
 5.1  2013-11-15 15.32.19


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