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Handshake: The Origin of

Tom-Nardone-Handshake-3Handshake (s) , if you believe what you read in history books, dates back to medieval times. It was a way to show you were not carrying a weapon and it would set the recipients mind at ease. While this may still be true in n Texas,  the handshake has taken on many other meanings, purposes and types.

Today the handshake is simply the way we as humans, at least in this country, greet one another. The only problem I have with the handshake is the obligation to shake a hand simply because it has been extended to me. In some circumstances it is a little presumptuous, but I have no problem with the custom itself. It is quick, easy and appropriate enough. I don’t believe I would feel comfortable cupping a man’s balls on our first meeting, so a handshake sounds about right. Continue reading

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