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tumblr_nxyscfxvRI1rj50pjo1_1280-274274313-1503699024343.pngAs may of your already know I was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor. First I want to thank so many of you for your support to me as I move forward. It has taken a toll on me but I have managed to joke about it here and there, but I must say it has also changed me in many ways.


Things once important, to perhaps even most important have become the things of little thought these days. I mean things like bills money, my house and many other things the we typically see as very important.


I also am finding it difficult to be cynical about the world in general which I just about always am. I have not found fault with many people at all. I find myself far more empathetic toward people and wanting to help them more than I normally would. Even some who perhaps might have deserved a little drama, I abstain from it. (I will say as I was writing this very paragraph a bully to the entire ADHD community named Grant Crowell tried to start up with me about something I posted that he did not like and admittedly it was my pleasure to spank his little ass like the child he has become.) but for the most part I have been and am mostly passive


Many of you have been awaiting an update and I can now give you the most current update I have. The doctors met today to discuss my case and decided that surgery is the best way to go. The bad news is they do not believe they will be able to get it all. My surgery is scheduled for the 19th of september so we will be leaving on the 18th.


It is not known if the tumor is cancerous and I don’t know if there will be any procedure that will follow the surgery, be it chemo or radiation. Whatever they decide I will be more than happy to go through. I am not ready to die. There are things I want to do and things I want to achieve. I feel I have at least one or two more books in me. I know of at least two people who are interested in getting podcasts up and running. I would like to help them. There people who reach out to me asking my advice in regard to themselves or their children who need my encouragement. I want to be there for them.


After my surgery I am going to be out of work for a month. I don’t plan to lie in bed pleasuring myself while I play video games. (ya know not the whole time) There are two new books I have ideas for and one of which wich be co written by my wife Yvonne. She has been a godsend to me through all of this and I could not possibly imagine how she could do anymore than she already has.


Other minor health issues have also surfaced with me as a result of all of the tests I have been through. I plan to start eating right and exercising and I am a little excited to see the benefits that will result from this.


I am still very scared about the coming days and I look forward to being out of the woods with all of that. I spoke at length with Rick Green yesterday and he explained to me that sometimes when bad things happen, more good things happen as a result. I am already seeing this, and going forward, this is what I plan to look for.This is what I plan to find.

Im Tom Nardone and you’re welcome.

Help me. I can only spread so much bullshit by myself.
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A Stop Sign for Edie

2016-05-01 16.21.07I am Tom Nardone. I work at the Home Depot in the electrical dept. Having been there for 17 years, I have a wide array of skill sets and therefore I am one of the default people who are called upon to answer questions not known by some of the junior associates. You know because… I’m awesome.

Near the beginning of April I was called to the front of the store and asked to speak with a lady named Betty. She explained to me that the girl she was with, was her grand-daughter and her name was Edie.

They were out looking for a stop-sign because Edie desired to have one hanging on the wall in her room. I explained to her we did not carry them and was not sure where they could get this anywhere else.

I noticed that this made Edie upset and I could tell from her movements and mannerisms she was Autistic. Home Depot is, and has been for years very involved in “Autism Awareness”. This was the beginning of April which is Autism Awareness month so I decided I would take a project upon myself and make a difference in the life of another. I asked Edie, “Edie what if I was to make a stop sign for you?” she smiled very big and I was sure I would figure out how to do this for her.2016-05-01 16.21.21

I wanted to make the sign very big. It was 4 feet square and the first thing I did was to cut out the octagon. This was a challenge but I got it done because you know, Tom Nardone.

I painted it red but I was unsure at my ability to properly write out the letters. I enlisted the help of a coworker who runs the flooring dept. She got the letters traced out and began to paint them.

I tried to get in touch with Betty (Edie’s grandmother) but no matter how many times I called I was unsuccessful. I told Chris don’t worry about finishing because I had not heard back from her in a few days and I was not sure I would. A week went by then two and I had all but given up on it. I stored the unfinished sign and put it out of my head. I was very disappointed. I thought maybe she did not really want it and seeing my excitement, she just could not bring herself to tell me so.

2016-05-01 16.20.55Then quite unexpectedly today on the first of May she came back to enquire about it. I told her I would have it done by 4 o’clock and to come back.

I managed to finish the letters and the trim and it was ready.

Edie showed up with her parents and was so excited she kept asking if she could see it. I took her and her parents and her sister to the back of the store and asked them to wait while I went to get her brand new stop sign, and brought it out and put it in front of her. The look on her face was worth it all. She was so excited she seemed not to know how to behave. She agreed to have her picture taken with me. That was my favorite part.

I suppose no one would have thought any less of me if I had a month ago simply explained that I did not know where to find a stop sign. If I had simply asked them to check the internet which is quickly becoming the most common answer when people don’t know where to get things.

File May 01, 5 10 56 PM

Rarely in our lives do opportunities present themselves and just as rare are our ability to see them as such. I am unaware of how many I have missed, but I am quite aware of those I have seized.

Edie is a lovely girl and I do not see as a seized opportunity, but I do see the both of us as the beneficiaries of an opportunity not lost.

I am Tom Nardone, and you are welcome.

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Help me. I can only spread so much bullshit by myself.
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Chasing Kites with Tom Nardone

Thanks to my good friend Eric Tivers for having me on ADHD Rewired to talk about my Book. You can listen to Eric on ADHD Rewired, iTunes, or Soundcloud. New episode every Tuesday.

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Help me. I can only spread so much bullshit by myself.
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