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I was happy to give this copy of my book away to those who signed up for it. My wife and I need not obligate you to subscribe to our podcast on iTunes. If you heard our presentation at the Tele-Summit and liked it then you will most likely subscribe to our show. at iTunes, stitcher or

If you thought it sucked then you can feel free to just download my book and with no hard feelings, haul your ass right on out of here without any further complications, guilt or headaches. because that is just the level of my awesomeness.


My publisher refuses to allow any of their books to be sold on I am not sure that is the best business model, but I am past the point of arguing with them. Nevertheless my book is completely awesome!

If you would like to read any book reviews of Chasing Kites, you can read them on Good Reads.


I hope you enjoy  Chasing Kites by Tom Nardone

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