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I must ask you all to fight the urge to share this page.
(Linda Walker will be pissed at you and that is no way to begin this Project.)


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Okay this is the one we spoke of yesterday an i thought it was and it may well be the direction we were going. I only went about 4 minutes in but you will get the idea.
in your notes and comments refer to this one as

Now I dont mind telling you this one was a bitch to do but if yo dont like it say so or it will be partially your fault that we screwed
over the whole ADHD community by producing a sub-standard video production. I think it is bad-ass
Refer to this as 

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  1. Linda Walker says:

    Tom, I checked with our Communications Committee and we do need to keep the same look in terms of the fonts and colors. I’ll send you an email with the newest logo.

    I like them both. I like the simplicity of the first one but the dynamics of the second one (the message would have to be tweaked).

    The new logo colors are blue. I’m sending you a ppt with the new logo and some watermark they put in our official presentation that you might want to use.


  2. Alan says:

    Agree with Tom that it is awesome — very pro sequence…Agree with Linda that we need to stay “branded”, using fonts/colors of ADDA. Linda, is there a document that spells out what ADDA’s official colors (pantone #’s) and fonts and other design preferences are?

    I am flying from NY to SD today and won’t be able to be in the call, but hopefully will have wifi to check email occasionally. Hoping to stay in touch today despite travels…


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