Chasing Kites by Tom Nardone is Available Right Now!!

 Chasing Kites is available right now!

The day has finally come. Today, my first book Chasing Kites,tumblr_ni4edt2Cdu1rj50pjo1_270  is available to the world. It is the story of my experiences growing up with ADHD in a world where there was not a widely known diagnosis. This is not a collection of articles from my blog though I have shared many of the stories in the past. This was a very personal project that often brought me to tears from laughter and sadness. I personally feel  I did a good job with it. It is my hope  you like it as well.

There are a lot of people besides me that helped to make this happen. I would like to recognize them now. I respect the possibility that many of you may not give a shit about that so you may either click here to purchase Chasing Kites, or go back to Facebook by clicking here.


Readers and Listeners

First, is of course, all of you! You, the readers of my blog and listeners of The Tom Nardone Show. I love all of you people and I have been proud to entertain and inspire you for the past three years. You are all the reason I keep doing what I am doing and this lead to the writing of this book. It was with all of you in mind that I stayed the course to make sure I finished. I wanted to give up many times but I wanted to be an example of what a person with ADHD can do. I did not want this to be another failure. I expected it would be a failure the whole time, and it was not until just very recently I realized it would not not be.

My family

Without my family supporting me in this it would not have ever happened. My amazing wife Yvonne made me agree to let Redmund Publishing handle this. I am so grateful she did. My wife is the finest human being I know. Thank You Yvonne Nardone.

Coaches and Professionals.

Carolyn D’Argenio – Thank you for writing the “About the Author” section of the book for me. (I don’t know how I feel about being referred to as an author). For no money and no credit. You are a beautiful person Carolyn and a remarkable lady.

Terry Matlen – You are a giver my dear and I think the world of you. Thanks for your help with the Brody Bricker chapter of the book.  All of you can thank Terry for that.

Alan Brown. Alan thanks for creating the ADD Crusher videos and through them helping me to see other options and methods beyond medication. Your friendship has been invaluable.

Justine Ruotolo. Justine, Thank you for having me on your podcast so often.  It was through this I had the confidence to host my own show. I don’t think there would be a Tom Nardone Show without you.

Eric Tivers – Eric Tivers, I don think God ever graced the ADHD community with a finer man than you. I am proud to be your friend and colleague. ADHD Rewired  continues to be my inspiration and it is my pleasure  to listen to it each week. I appreciate all of your strategic, practical, and personal guidance through the launching of my own show.

Gale Knight – Gale you were the one who encouraged me to continue to write about ADHD after my first article and got me involved in social media to a degree that I could then figure it out myself. I appreciate your efforts in editing my blog posts and always being there to help me. You are Awesome.

Beth Kennedy – Beth, You are the only one, about whom I can say this. You have been there since the beginning. You have read and commented on every blog post and every podcast I have ever done. You are truly what every writer hopes for. As far as I can tell you are my biggest fan and I love you more than I can say. I hope we will always be there for each other.

And of course all the people I did not have time to write about and thank here. I love you all and thanks. I hope none of you thinks my book sucks.


Join Yvonne and I on the 19th of April as we are

back on the Miss ADD Show with Justine Ruotolo

Help me. I can only spread so much bullshit by myself.
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9 Responses to Chasing Kites by Tom Nardone is Available Right Now!!

  1. ksbeth says:

    just ordered my kindle version! i’d also like to order a paperback or two, one for your australian ambassador – and would love to send them to you for an autograph. please advise. and thanks for the giant shout out! i am a super fan, you are right! yay tomnardone!

  2. Jade Reyner says:

    Congratulations Tom. I am thrilled for you. I have of course, purchased my copy and I cannot wait to read it! X

  3. I am very proud of you!

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