Chasing Kites by Tom Nardone is Available Right Now!!

 Chasing Kites is available right now!

The day has finally come. Today, my first book Chasing Kites,tumblr_ni4edt2Cdu1rj50pjo1_270  is available to the world. It is the story of my experiences growing up with ADHD in a world where there was not a widely known diagnosis. This is not a collection of articles from my blog though I have shared many of the stories in the past. This was a very personal project that often brought me to tears from laughter and sadness. I personally feel  I did a good job with it. It is my hope  you like it as well.

There are a lot of people besides me that helped to make this happen. I would like to recognize them now. I respect the possibility that many of you may not give a shit about that so you may either click here to purchase Chasing Kites, or go back to Facebook by clicking here.


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