ADHD / ADD Dating Disasters

ADHD Dating Disasters

We have all been on them and the stories while not pretty are hilarious. I could never seem to get a date and stopped asking girls out. I turned to dating services where I could meet other women who could not get a date. I have dated some real losers and even met the woman who I now refer to as my evil ex–wife

Yvonne talks about her blind dates because she too is ADHD. Yvonne found it difficult to get someone to ask her out.

We invite you to learn about why dating sucks and the people who made them suck. Hear about Yvonne’s worst blind date ever who she calls switch-blade Eddie. It is a potpourri of ADHD dating chaos.

I am Tom Nardone and you are welcome.

Source: The Tom Nardone Show

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3 Responses to ADHD / ADD Dating Disasters

  1. Dian Pink says:

    Yes…I have found that too. I have a mark of a demon on my forehead ;*)

  2. ksbeth says:

    dating is a crazy activity no matter what and it is like being in the twilight zone.

  3. Dating is fascinating. You all are funny.

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