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Homeless People

tom-nardone-homeless-peopleHomeless people are called vagrants, drifters, beggars, pan-handlers, and so forth. As a society, some of us tend to look down upon homeless people. We are offended at the fact they just walk the earth, with their hand out. We believe homeless people simply depend on working people for a little bit of their hard earned money. To my shame, I admit I too once judged these people. I no longer do. Thiking about these people recently,  I have determined I have a great deal of respect for homeless people.

Some homeless people have fallen on hard times; be it the loss of a job, a loved one or perhaps a pesky addiction to crystal meth. There are also those who simply choose to live this way. It is those people for whom I have the most respect.

I can’t say I would like to be a homeless person. I used to look at these people and think, “How could anyone want to live this way?” However, I eventually became an adult. I still don’t believe it’s the life for me, but I will say, “I get it”

If I were a citizen of the homeless people, I know there would be many cons.touchdown I would not wake up in the same bed, bench, or sewer grate every morning. I would not have any assurance from where my next meal would come, or if it would come at all. I imagine the extreme heat and the extreme cold would also be pretty tough. There is however a huge upside as I see it.

tom-nardone-homeless-peopleHomeless people have no responsibility. I would wake up and the day belongs to me. I have nothing to do and no one to care for. I am my own universe. There is no expectation of me from anyone, and therefore no one in my life I am able to disappoint. I would have no job and no schedule. I would not pay taxes. I would just go to the local soup kitchens for my free meals. I could even stand on the freeway exit ramps with my hand out and live off the guilt of working rich people.

As a citizen of the homeless people, I wouldn’t just have nothing; I have nothing to lose. This makes me invincible. I can do anything I want, whenever I want to do it. Maybe it is cold outside and I just don’t feel like I will be able to deal with it. All I have to do is something illegal. I would not hurt or harm anyone but there are several things I could do to beat the weather.

Perhaps I would just strip down completely naked and walk down main-street. I don’t imagine it would be to long before a car with flashing blue lights came to pick me up and drive me to a heated building. They would no doubt provide me with clothes and a meal for the night and depending on the circumstance, I might be able to stay longer.

tom-nardone-homeless-people-2There is always squatting. I might just decide to class it up for the evening and live in style. I can go to some classy neighborhood, find a house with a for sale sign in the yard and break in. I would crash in some half-million dollar home that has probably been sitting there for quite a while anyway. I could even invite some of my homeless friends over to hang out in style.

I sat and considered the idea of living among homeless people. It is not an option for me; I have too many responsibilities. Even if I didn’t have responsibility, I lack the sack to live as the homeless people do. I enjoy having my own place to live where I have security. I enjoy being a family man and spending time with my wife. I like to go jump in the pool after I get home from work and it is ninety eight degrees outside.

I suppose as much as I don’t like to be nagged, or controlled or told what to do, I choose this life. I say I wish I did not have to work knowing that I do not have to work. The truth is I am just not willing to give up the life-style I have grown accustomed to in order to be free of the cost.

I do respect homeless people for their toughness. It cannot be as easy as I write it to be. I know many of them are not happy, but I also believe that certain people can find happiness in whatever circumstance they find themselves in or choose to be in. God bless them all.

I am Tom Nardone, and you are welcome.


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8 Responses to Homeless People | The Romance of True Freedom

  1. ksbeth says:

    it seems like very hard work and i love your last paragraph. that shows your good heart, tomnardone )

  2. karen698 says:

    This fits with your theory of pants episode perfectly. Glad you are not going homeless.

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  4. bossymoksie says:

    Tom! Only you would thoughtfully, and seriously weigh the pro’s and cons of being homeless. Good points though.

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