LED Light Bulbs, This is what you need to know

LED-light-bulbs-tom-nardone-ideaWhat is the truth about LED light bulbs? Thank you for looking past the title, I am Tom Nardone and I am at the helm so you should know I am going to make this exciting and fun. You may think you don’t give a shit about light bulbs and perhaps you don’t. I think you are about to discover that my bullshitting ability knows no limit.

As Americans, we are fortunate to live in a country where our government cares so much about us,
they even make sure we don’t buy the wrong light bulbs. Yes as sad as it is many of us who grew up with the incandescent light bulb will be saying goodbye to it and saying hello to one of two different light bulbs; the LED light bulb or the compact fluorescent. This is the thing I explain to people every day at work and I thought you would benefit from my council on this matter.


Why don’t people buy LED light bulbs?

There are a few reasons why people don’t buy LED light bulbs. Some won’t because they believe they are too expensive, or they are going to wait for them to go down in price. Others say they don’t like the type of light they put out. Some say the technology is new and they do not trust them. Trust me when I tell you, I am right, and they are wrong.

You will see in a moment they are way cheaper. This technology is not new. The LED light bulbs are in every house in America. The little tiny round red light on your TV is an LED light bulb. Have you ever known one of those to burn out? I haven’t. As far as not liking the way the light looks. This also is bullshit. I have asked customers to identify which light in our showroom is the incandescent one and they always pick a bulb. Well, none of them are incandescent.


I don’t care about the environment or the ozone level or how many unicorns are believed to be in danger as a result of the type of light bulb I use. It ultimately comes down to two questions. How much money, and how much pain in my ass. First we will discuss money.

The incandescent is costing you big time. If you are a die-hard, old school incandescent light bulb fan, then I hope it is worth the money you are spending. Every time you flip a light switch, you are drilling yourself in the ass. Here is the way it breaks down assuming a 75 watt bulb or its equivalent is running 24/7.

Light Bulb TypeCost Per MonthCost Per Year
Light Bulb TypeCost Per MonthCost Per Year




Yah I know! This is not my opinion this is simple mathematics. You may disagree if you want to. Being wrong is your right as a consumer but if you like your incandescent bulbs then I hope you don’t mind paying for them.


If a 75 watt LED light bulb was $30(and it is not) then in three months you would still be ahead of the game financially. That is that as far as the money goes. It will cost you far far less to have led light bulbs in your home verses the incandescent bulbs.

OK LED light bulbs are right are also the best way to avoid a pain in the ass. Some houses have very high ceilings and cannot be reached as easily. It seems that it would be a good idea for LED light bulbs to be used there as well. Led light bulbs last for 50,000 hours. Most people will be living somewhere else by the time that bulb burns out. There are also lights outside the house that are high up and a pain to change. LED light bulbs practically remove this all together.

OK and yah, blah blah blah, LED light bulbs are also right for the environment. I know this is important to many people so congratulations you people can rest easy in the knowledge you have saved the planet from its imminent destruction because of the light bulbs you purchase. You can even look down your nose at all of the incandescent light bulb people as well. I know this makes you assholes very happy.

I am Tom Nardone, and you are welcome.

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6 Responses to LED Light Bulbs, This is what you need to know

  1. ksbeth says:

    thanks tomnardone. you are like that other tom, – thomas edison. and i will follow your advice.

    • Thanks Beth Thomas Eddison was a son of a bitch. His invention was the DC light bulb. It was Nicola Tesla who changed the world when he discovered AC power and the flourescent light bulb. Go change all your bulbs now Beth.

  2. karen698 says:

    I have been hesitating to spring for those expensive outdoor flood lights, but with the money I’ve spent replacing the cheap ones every 3-4 months… blah, blah, blah. I appreciate receiving this information in such an entertaining format.

  3. bossymoksie says:

    I love your pictures so much. Every time, every post!
    I use these because they are more cost efficient too.

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