Cooking with Yvonne Nardone

Most of you know by now I am home. The Doctors determined that I had an inflamed intestine and things seem to be good now. I feel great. My time on the inside is over. This was my first hospital visit and I really found it quite exciting in some ways. I am thankful that I had my wife Yvonne with me. She is the most wonderful person I know and I can’t imagine life without her. She and I wanted to thank you all so since there seemed to be so much interest in the first video I did. I thought I would do another one featuring My wife.

Yvonne knows my favorite thing she makes is Tabouli. She promised to make it when we got home, and she did. Please enjoy as she does this in a very special way.


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30 Responses to Cooking with Yvonne Nardone

  1. Jade Reyner says:

    I didn’t know that you were home and I sent you a get well card and everything…. 🙁

  2. Nadine says:

    That is fabulous! You guys will be eating tabouli until you turn green. More Yvonne videos please! She’s much more photogenic than you are.

  3. ericaatje says:

    You looked very busy too!!! 😉

  4. portholio says:

    you are a lucky, lucky man

  5. Gray Dawster says:

    You certainly pushed the boat out with this quick release video Tom, and may I say that Yvonne is ravishingly wicked in the kitchen offering her awesome slant on your drill invention, love the nudging elbow action on the cupboard door too, that was mint 🙂 😉

    I will say this, your wife is a no nonsense chef with a ghoulishly excellent chopping action that even made my Zombies wince, especially hacking and slicing at those onions and tomatoes, now that is a lesson to be appreciated by any would-be-chef, including me 🙂

    I noticed that you were strumming and yapping, sleeping and… Well taking it easy is acceptable after a gruelling hospital experience, I trust you filled the pot to get out of there? 😉 lmao

    Nice one Yvonne and let’s have more of
    these action videos, I for one have enjoyed both 🙂 🙂

    Have an awesome Friday together
    and no naughtiness unless it’s an orgy 😉

    Andro xxxx ( Yes Tom… For Yvonne ;)) lol

    • Andro if you ever stopped commenting on my blog it would almost not be worth it. Thank You my friend. I am glad you enjoyed the Blog you WERE the inspiration for. Thanks for the kind words as if you knew any that weren’t I will ask Yvonne about the orgy. Thanks man

      • Gray Dawster says:

        Firstly I am pleased that you are home and enjoying those creature comforts that only a sweet and wicked wife can offer 🙂 But hey, I always enjoy reading on your blog and now I am being spoiled with these fantastic videos, you make it look so easy. So much so that I will have to try a few different approaches on my own video making efforts 🙂

        You and Yvonne are awesome 🙂

        Now go and arrange the Orgy of
        Plenty 🙂 😉 Edible underwear is a
        good idea but don’t tell anyone I
        said so or they might think that my
        preferences are too kinky 🙂 lmao

        Have a fun Friday now…

        Andro xxxx

        • hey corel video studio has a free download with 30 day trial you should try it out. I think i am going to have to buy the thing now.

          • Gray Dawster says:

            Great, I will look into that one and thank you for telling me about it 🙂 I noticed the guitar on the wall, perhaps you will be giving us all a music video soon? 🙂

            Well I only said 🙂 lol


  6. Haha..awesome video, made me hungry 🙂

  7. ksbeth says:

    i would like to nominate yvone for an oscar on this one. for the ‘outstanding performance under extreme conditions’ category. yvonne is your perfect mate. you two are awesome together. probably hard to have so much of the awesome factor under one roof. encore please!

  8. bossymoksie says:

    The music is really the cherry of awesomeness on top of all the other awesome going on in the video. I hope you both enjoyed it!

  9. amelthalt says:

    Lol! Very Wow! 😀

  10. I cannot believe you did not assist in the kitchen! No wonder your lovely wife had the first comment. The food though, wow looked delicious I understand why it is your favorite.

    Great video and stealing the receipe.

  11. p}!{k says:

    how did she get the tomatoes whole again after chopping them all up? i thought you were awesome, but Yvonne is amazing!

  12. Caleb McCoy says:

    I have to be honest, this is good TV. It’s got food, power tools, and comedy, Plus the producers got special guest star rocking pajama guy on guitar.

  13. mmmhhhhh…yummie! I love tabouleh thanks for the reminder and recipe, will make some soon. 🙂

  14. elroyjones says:

    I really like Yvonne’s hat, it’s cool and it looks good on her.

    • I love that hat on her. Her sister made her one that is crocheted and she made these crocheted Christmas lights (the old kind that are big) that hang all over it. She wore it to work one time only because every customer who saw it asked to buy it right off her head

      • elroyjones says:

        It’s hard to find good hats. Yvonne is funny too. You two got it going on, it’s nice to see!

        • I do love it when we to posts together. She keeps bugging me because i wont let her read my book. I know she will be happier reading the published book than a word file. We have some ideas for this coming year. I am really excited to have her as my wife. 10 years and I still love hanging around her

          • elroyjones says:

            I hear ya. We’ve been married 19 and we’re not at all shy about voicing our opinions- no secrets in this household- but we’re just stupid happy with each other.

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