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We are trying something a little bit different here today at I am Tom Nardone. Today my wife and I had our first “I-gument” I coined that word as far as I know, so I will  explain what I mean. an “I-gument” is like an argument that you have on an Ipod or an Iphone via text message. Today you get to be the beneficiary of our little disagreement.

Normally you get to sit back, relax , and get a double dose of awesomeness. Today I am asking for you do do the thinking as I sit back and relax. I want the truth from you people. No judgement no dirty looks from me. I want you to view the conversation, compare it to your own system of common sense, and then, weigh in and vote.

I know I have blogged against the idea of voting before and now I am asking you to vote. If you can see your way clear of my own personal hypocrisy, I think we can all enjoy this.

Depending on its reception and/or how angry my wife gets when she wakes up tomorrow and sees this, we might just have our first  series here. I can almost taste the excitement

This was initiated by Yvonne from the MD-360 medical center. I was at home working tirelessly on a very important project.

when all of a sudden…

 2013-11-15 15.27.35  4.1
 5.1  2013-11-15 15.32.19


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32 Responses to Nardone v/s Nardone | You Be the Judge!!

  1. Very creative idea with the drill. I will remember to try this one day. Ha Ha Ha, belly laughing again!

  2. LMAO! LOVED IT! I about died with the drill! Pure genius! p}!{k

  3. I did comment damnit! Repeat: LMAO LOVE IT! I about died with the drill! Pure genius!


  4. I had to vote for Yvonne. She is a woman and we are always logical even if we have ADHD. Men can never find anything anyway so even though you were trying to be helpful it would have been better to have just gone and bought a ready made cake and tucked her up in bed till she felt better.

  5. You actually got a chuckle out of me. I’m impressed.

  6. Rob says:

    I’m still trying to muddle through the AutoCorrect.

  7. Erik Matlock says:

    Classic. Absolutely classic.

  8. ksbeth says:

    yvonne is clearly right all the way, you are not even in the running on this one, tomnardone. i tried to vote for her twice but the poll made me follow the rules and wouldn’t let me. this is a classic kirk vs. spock throwdown, and i loved every moment of it. you had no chance in hell.
    by the way you have stolen my local cable tv show idea that i have imagined – cooking with power tools. perhaps you can be a guest on my 100th show?

  9. TIA says:

    Lol! Mabe if you set up two drills……one for each hand, it would have been more equivalent to the mixer. Way to give it a go! 🙂

  10. The drill sealed it for me. I was leaning towards your wife, but you threw a Hail Mary and won my vote by the end. Imaginative solutions with positive results, no matter how crazy, always get my vote, especially when they make me laugh.

    And that beater you first pulled out. Looked. Wrong. On so many levels. Like something Tom Hanks would use in one of his early movies…

  11. aspergal says:

    Hi Tom, This is hilarious!

    Sorry, I didn’t vote, because my executive function failed and I’m stuck in vacillating mode. I could spend the day weighing both side to figure out my ultimate vote, but I have my own domestic comedies to participate in, so I’ll let this one slide. However, I have filed the power drill cooking tool away for future reference in time of need.

  12. xtrememom says:

    Even though the drill-mixer bit was uber awesome, I had to go with Yvonne. The thing is, it’s not about being rational. Yvonne clearly stated that she had a bad tummy. That’s the mans cue to go with the default response… whatever-you-say-dear. In fact, there was a hint that she wanted a new mixer, so there’s your answer- 1. Let her vent and make empathetic faces while listening 2. Get her a new kick-ass mixer that’s way better than her current model 3. Offer to make the cake.

    All of these things are the opposite of what my husband would do, which is why you’re probably getting a lot more action than him. 🙂

  13. A.J. Goode says:

    For the record, I own three mixers because I can never find all the parts. My husband’s solution? A stand mixer, with holes for all the pieces, which he labeled very clearly so I wouldn’t lose them.

    Lost ’em anyway. May I borrow your drill idea?

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  15. Darryl McElyea says:

    As always Tom, you rock. As soon as video started we knew what you were doing. We laughed all the way through . Awesome as always Tom

  16. Gray Dawster says:

    I think that your inventiveness in this situation is awesome,
    like you I am a genius but I would never have thought of that
    idea but it is an excellent solution whilst searching for the
    missing appliance 🙂

    Now onto the video footage, I can’t wait 🙂


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