Confessions of a TV Addict

yvonne nardone

by Yvonne Nardon

I never thought I could give up my cable box, or my DVR. I loved that I could tape all my favorite TV shows and would eagerly wait for them to be recorded. TV was my best friend. I would even watch TV and search and record for stuff that was playing so I could get an uninterrupted fix of recorded commercial free TV. At one point I was having conflicts on how many shows I could record during the same time slot. I even started recording late night talk shows because there wasn’t any conflict. Even though I didn’t like the talk shows that much, but at least they fed my habit until I could get the real junk in my veins.

yvonne in prison

Yes I was a full blown addict. I would lie cheat and steal to get my shows. I hogged up the recording  so much that my family got shorted and had to get their own box. I even secretly recorded the Kadashians and would delete it quickly so that they  wouldn’t  how far gone I was.

syringe - upMy intervention came when I opened the cable bill instead of throwing it in the trash. I set it up on auto pay to avoid the sting of having to look

at the bill each month. When I opened the bill it hit me like a bolt of lightning. Lightning turned to anger, and then anger turned to regret. I Knew it had to stop.

Like stages of grief I was in denial about the bill. I even started to bargain with the “SYDCC” to try to get my bill lowered. As hard as I tried, in the end i was not doable. With the help of my husband I canceled my entire TV service.

I’ve been clean for one week and so far I’m OK. I still have Netflix until that runs dry. So far  I’m satisfied. I’m going to get an antenna to watch to news and that’s it. I will miss my friends; Ellen, Chelsea, and the new fall line up, i will make it though, one episode at a time.

At last I’m free. I fired cable TV.

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22 Responses to Confessions of a TV Addict

  1. Kathy says:

    So what wonderful things are you doing with your time now? We (my hubby & I) would be lost without TV. We’d have to,spend even more time on our electronic devices.

  2. tanstaafl28 says:

    TV, Books, Video games; rinse and repeat.

  3. Miss Z says:

    Great idea, tanstaffl28! Now… Forget everything they just said. Video games, video games and more videos games, THEN rinse and repeat. Skyrim and Team Fortress are my drugs and Steam is my ever-wonderful dealer. 😛

  4. ksbeth says:

    Yvonne – I will begin attending tv-anon meetings on your behalf immediately. You are a very brave woman and seem the perfect match for tomnardone. Live-tv strong sister! Lucky blogging is free.

  5. ynardone says:

    You are clever great comment!

  6. xtrememom says:

    Just… Wow, Yvonne. Cold turkey. Awesome show of discipline and restraint! Then again, you are married to Tom Nardone… and I’ve read HIS tales. I had a feeling you were Super Woman. 😉

  7. Gray Dawster says:

    You are right about those dreaded, horrible and excruciatingly painful adverts, I too hate those with a passion, I mean who the hell wants to watch one, two, three, even fourteen advertisement segments every bleeding hour? 🙁

    No, it’s frustratingly (not sure if frustratingly is a word but if it isn’t I am sure that Tom will adopt it in one of his new postings, well possibly? :)) hair pulling, teeth clenching, grrrrrrringly wrong and recording is undoubtedly the only release 🙂

    I didn’t know that you were charged extra for the privilege of recording though, so that is certainly something to think about. Luckily I don’t watch a lot of television these days but whenever i do one can absolutely guarantee that those mind boggling idiots with a fetish for adverts are right there, annoying the pants off anyone that is unlucky enough not to be recording the show 🙁

    Hey this is a well presented, full of interest, wicked, fine and most excellent posting, and I hope that you will be adding a lot more of your inventive scripting sometime soon 🙂 As you already know, Tom has an awesome sense of humour, is authentically pleasing and creative with a capital ‘C’ and even better it runs in the family 🙂 How cool is that? 🙂

    Have a wonderful weekend Mrs. Yvonne Nardone of the ‘I Am Tom Nardone’ Empire, you have passed with flying colours, indeed it has been an honour, a pleasure to have read your absolute gem of a posting and so I applaud you 🙂 No I am not bowing but I have definitely enjoyed your post 🙂 Remember, life after TV can be even more exciting but I won’t go into any details, just make sure that both You and Tom have lots of early nights, oop’s say no more 😉
    I am just kidding… I think? 😉 lmao


    • ynardone says:

      I’m so flattered!

      • Gray Dawster says:

        I hadn’t realised that you had added several postings on Tom’s, erm your hubby’s blog but guess what? I am looking forward to reading more that’s for sure 🙂

        Obviously this fine posting technique runs in the Nardone household, and what a treat 🙂

        Have a lovely weekend you two 🙂


        • ynardone says:

          Thank You Gary, Tom has shown be several photos and articles for your site. He really enjoys hearing from you. I am glad you enjoted what I wrote. I don’t know if I will be into this as musch as Tom, but thank you all the same

          • Gray Dawster says:

            I always enjoy reading Tom’s postings as he has a fresh mind that oozes quality, and around our WP we need strong characters, fine individuals to broaden the outlook and to push boundaries 🙂

            Tom does this with such finesse time and time again, I must call in again soon and I surely will, I have been taking some time out but through August I should be back up to scratch on posting and more importantly, visiting my friends, of which I have been lacking .

            You should consider adding more blogs yourself as I like your wonderful input, as I am sure Tom would definitely concur 🙂 Have a sweet evening Yvonne and Tom and keep blogging 🙂 🙂

            Andro xx (For you, not Tom 😉 lmao) Sorry Tom…

  8. Jade Reyner says:

    Wow – you’ve gone total cold turkey, that takes some guts! I don’t watch much TV but I wouldn’t be without it, well done you and I hope that you continue to enjoy your TV free life!! 🙂

  9. portholio says:

    We support you yvonne!

  10. I am in awe, you are an inspiration. I have never recorded anything but could not give up my cable, ever I don’t think. No morning news? No Criminal Minds? No Rachael Madow? No International House Hunters? No I am afraid I could not do this.

    I know, create your own blog! This would be a great way for you to take up some of your time.

  11. bossymoksie says:

    I hope it sticks! cable really is a rip off. it really doesn’t have to cost THAT MUCH. Does it?

  12. Olga says:

    Giving up t.v would be like giving up hormones. When I informed my family of my decision to stop taking them, they said dear god NO, not the hormones, we will even pay for them! Needless to say it would be hell here without the t.v. we have tried to cut back but decided it was cheap intertainment. My husband is very sedate and sits well unlike Tom. and as for me, my heart has palpitations whenever I hear Laura Linney say “And this is Masterpiece Theater.” #datenightsundaynightwithdowntonabby. Congrats on busting out from under that warm glare!

  13. Tierra says:

    Lol her too?! I know the feeling and had a bad withdrawal from cable tv. We still don’t have cable because the bill gets higher and higher every month for basic and a few DVRs those companies can be a rip off! I now have Hulu Plus and Netflix to catch up on all of my shows. Good for her!

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