Tom Nardone, My ADD Was Untreated.

 I had to go through this. Your kid doesn’t.

(Book Excerpt)


By Tom Nardone

First grade; art class; we had a project where we would take a piece of construction paper and write our names on it with glue. Before the glue dried, we would sprinkle glitter on it and it made this shiny glittery image of our name.  Somehow mine came out better than most, and my teacher was very proud.  She held it up for the whole class to see. I was proud for that brief moment.

A couple of days later, we had an assignment. The teacher wrote three sentences on the board and we were to copy them. I carefully copied the sentences and was about to turn in my assignment. Then I remembered how excited my art teacher was and, I really wanted Mrs. Ginn to be pleased with me. I got out my glue and my glitter, and began to write my name on my class work with my glue. I sprinkled the glitter on it and turned it in.  there was no time for the glue to dry since I had to turn my work in.  I turned it in and the bell rang. We got up and went to our bus

The next day at school, Mrs. Ginn was furious. Apparently my classwork/art project idea  had, caused all of the other papers to stick together in a big mess. The second I walked in she got up and said “Tommy Nardone you come with me.” I had no idea where we were going or why. We went to the janitor’s closet in the hallway and she slammed the door. She asked me if I poured glue all over the classwork assignments yesterday.  Seeing that I disappointed her I began to cry as I explained that I just wanted her to be proud of me for making my name look so nice for my classwork assignment. She actually began to laugh and apologized for being mad.

I was just as unique a kid, as I am an adult. This incident at the time seemed completely reasonable to me. I was not trying to hurt anyone or upset any one I was proud of something I did in art class and I wanted to share it with my regular teacher Mrs. Ginn.

Unfortunately, the glue debacle like many other incidents became a source of fuel for the class to tease me about how stupid I was. They got a lot of mileage out of that one. They had no shortage of material. They would make fun of my name, my clothes, my hair, my parents, or anything else that they believed would upset me. I seemed to be a source of entertainment for the whole class.  I couldn’t for the life of me understand why for no reason, so many people took so much pleasure in making me feel bad.  I had, up to that point, never been treated that way.  I would have understood if the members of my T-ball team gave me a hard time. I regularly jammed the whole team up every game we played, but these people don’t even know me.  I tried to get to know them but they just had no interest in talking to me unless it was in the form of ridicule.

The playground was the worst.  I hated recess.  It was the time I least looked forward to.  Many of these kids wanted to fight me. They would constantly hit me in the arm or the chest.  I remember asking my teacher if I could do extra work in the library in order to avoid the ridicule and the harassment I received on the playground every day.  She always said “No!” I hated her for that. I stopped telling my parents about this. It seemed to hurt them too much to hear it, and I could not bear to see that.

I had never fought back.  I did not know how to fight.  I took it day after day. It got to the point where I dreaded going to school. I hated the bus ride. I never had a moments rest. I remember crying in my bed at night before I would go to school the next day.  I would have rather done anything else

One day, I struck back. This is the only good memory I have from my whole first grade experience.  There was this particularly evil son-of-a-bitch in my class named Roman.  I avoided him at all costs. Roman was normally the ring leader.  Every time I thought I might go a full day without any drama, Roman would be sure to get some started. I viewed Roman as the source of all the things in my life that were shitty. Today would be the last day Roman would ever screw with me. Today Roman falls.

I was in the bathroom standing at the urinal closest to the first stall.  Roman came in and went to the first stall and began to pee on my shoe.  I did nothing, except move my foot away from the stream.

I thought all day about all the problems that little bastard had caused me during the entire school year, and I decided that it was OK if I get in trouble, but this little shit was going to give me my money’s worth.

Near the end of the day Roman snuck out of the room to use the bathroom without asking permission. As soon as he left, I went and got permission to use the bathroom. Mrs. Ginn said “hurry the bell is about to ring” I went immediately. I was going in there and I was going to just start kicking his ass, without saying one word. But a better solution presented itself.

As I entered the bathroom I was so scared. I couldn’t believe that I was going to do this. I began to ask myself; should I just punch him first, or should I throw him on the ground and start hitting him.  I knew I would get in trouble, but that day; it was OK.  I knew that Roman would probably beat the shit out of me, but if I could get one hit on him, it would be worth it.

When I entered Roman was in the first stall.  I saw Roman’s shoes pointing forward with his pants pulled around his ankles.  He was sitting on the commode.  I thought and I thought and then it came to me. I called an audible, and completely changed my plans. I would quickly reach under and steal his shoes. I thought that would be funny if he had to ride the bus home without his shoes.  I also remember thinking that he owes me a pair of shoes anyway. I quietly moved into position, and just as I grabbed his shoes, the bell rang.  I jerked my arms back to recover them, but I got more than I planned for.

The shoes were sort of connected to his pants and underwear which also came off.  He started yelling.  I quickly turned away and just stuffed all of it into my book bag as I left the bathroom.  I walked slowly to get on my bus, so as not to draw suspicion. I sat there on the bus shaking with fear that I would get busted.  I thought about police men coming onto the bus to arrest me. It seemed like an eternity until those buses started moving. I thought they have stopped the busses and are looking for me.  I hid under my seat and prayed this bus would leave soon. I heard the air brake release and the bus started moving.

I was still scared when I got home. I got a plastic bag and put Romans clothes, sox,, and shoes into it and went to the creek about a mile from our house. I added rocks to the bag and tied it up.  Then I just threw it into the deep part of the creek.  The anxiety I felt vanished as soon as the bag hit the water and sunk to the bottom.

The next day, I felt something on the way to school I had never felt. I felt anticipation, and confidence. I realized that I no longer had to be bullied.  I felt like a million bucks and for the first time ever, I couldn’t wait to get to school.

It was better than I could have hoped for. When we got to school, Mrs. Ginn and the principal, and Roman’s Parents were all their waiting for the class to get in and sit down.  The day started out by explaining to us that Roman ended up stranded in the bathroom until 6pm that night. There were no teachers working late as there were only a few more days of school until summer break.  Roman sat there on the toilet crying when a janitor heard him and called his parents.

His parents were in the classroom for show.  His asshole father (even if only by association) was furious, and his mother was crying.  I know it was wrong to feel this way but seeing that made it even sweeter.  Now Romans mom got a taste of what my mom has been feeling for so long.

Romans Mom pleaded with the class to tell them who was responsible, but no one knew a thing. She even talked about what a sweet boy her Roman was, and that he would never do anything like that to anyone.  I just held my tongue.

I figuratively kicked his social standing, right in the nuts. Roman was in school the next day and I enjoyed the last three days of the first grade watching Roman take my place as the butt of all the jokes. I did not participate in the ridicule. That is not who I was.

Every year, on the first day of school, I would be so hopeful. I remember thinking “This year will be different”, but the only thing that was different about a new year, was the faces behind the piercing words that almost every boy and girl in my class had to say to me.

Don’t hate these kids. I don’t. These are the people who long ago began the construction process and made me the person I am.  Today you have access to this greatness. I am Tom Nardone. Today many, many years later I stand proud as Tom Nardone, and all the kids who ridiculed me are still a bunch of assholes so  I win!

I am Tom Nardone, and you are welcome

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93 Responses to Tom Nardone, My ADD Was Untreated.

  1. Love reading this.You did win.

  2. ksbeth says:

    ah, the great fall of the roman empire, i had no idea you were behind it. you are even bigger than you ever imagined tomnardone!

    • I am getting there. Thanks Beth I am glad you enjoyed it. It was not easy to write.

      • ksbeth says:

        i’m sure it must have been very hard to write, let alone live through. they are very painful for me to read too. you seem to have a lot of strength and passion in your add/childhood posts, and they are very good, though i know they must take a toll on their writer, tomnardone.

  3. I f#$%ing hate it when my son gets bullied, if only the class knew that there is a 90% chance that he’s much smarter than they are. As I tell him, they can’t put greatness in a box and that scares them.

  4. I f#$%ing hate it when my son gets bullied, if only the class knew that there is a 90% chance that he’s much smarter than they are. As I tell him, they can’t put greatness in a box and that scares them.

  5. Oh Margie,

    I am sorry to hear about your son and i would certainly not encourage him to handle things the way i did. I am to this day not sorry for what i did. He deserved it. I also realize you are a lady, but if you want to use words like fuck and shit on my page, then you should feel welcome to do so. Thanks for taking time for my article. I hope it helps.

  6. Oh Margie,

    I am sorry to hear about your son and i would certainly not encourage him to handle things the way i did. I am to this day not sorry for what i did. He deserved it. I also realize you are a lady, but if you want to use words like fuck and shit on my page, then you should feel welcome to do so. Thanks for taking time for my article. I hope it helps.

  7. Oh Margie,

    I am sorry to hear about your son and i would certainly not encourage him to handle things the way i did. I am to this day not sorry for what i did. He deserved it. I also realize you are a lady, but if you want to use words like fuck and shit on my page, then you should feel welcome to do so. Thanks for taking time for my article. I hope it helps.

  8. Oh Margie,

    I am sorry to hear about your son and i would certainly not encourage him to handle things the way i did. I am to this day not sorry for what i did. He deserved it. I also realize you are a lady, but if you want to use words like fuck and shit on my page, then you should feel welcome to do so. Thanks for taking time for my article. I hope it helps.

  9. Oh Margie,

    I am sorry to hear about your son and i would certainly not encourage him to handle things the way i did. I am to this day not sorry for what i did. He deserved it. I also realize you are a lady, but if you want to use words like fuck and shit on my page, then you should feel welcome to do so. Thanks for taking time for my article. I hope it helps.

  10. jadereyner says:

    Oh Tom, I can relate to this post more than you can know. Brilliantly written and moving account of what is a really traumatic experience. I know exactly what you are saying and how you felt and I am so proud that you found the courage to stand up for yourself, many don’t. I love the fact that you have built your life to be stronger as a result. This is one of the best pieces you have written. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  11. athenahm says:

    My son, Tommy, had similar issues at his previous school. There were horrible kids who he just didn’t understand why they were so callous towards him, and all he wanted was to be nice to everyone. He was really socially awkward at the beginning of the year, and is now, a completely different kid, so I am hoping he won’t have the same issues next year, because as a parent, it’s even harder than it was when I was the awkward kid in kindergarten that didn’t understand why people treated me that way.

  12. Joe Smith says:

    Fuck yeah! That’s the kind of shit I needed to read tonight! I have a post rolling out tomorrow because of you, me, Bret, and four makeup wearing freaks planning to destroy Greenville in August! It’ll be called: The Return of Awesome – Tom Nardone Fucks Up My 50 Day Funk…
    It’s about how just those couple of texts today pulled my perspective back to a little more of a reasonable skew. You have no idea how much I needed that, brother! You ARE Tom Nardone, and you ARE awesome!

  13. tanstaafl28 says:

    Tom, I was the same kid as you; back before anyone had even heard of ADHD (hell, even T-ball wasn’t invented when I was in elementary school). I stuck out like a sore thumb; the harder I tried to conform, the sillier I looked. I was ridiculed mercilessly. I had few friends. I was constantly getting beat down. I dreaded going to school because of how I was treated.
    I did not hate my tormentors, I did not understand why I was so different, why that made me a target to them.

    • tanstaafl28 thanks for sharing. I think that there is strength in unity. You have one kid who decides to bust another kids balls. The other kids join them because why join you who is being tormented. the rest of them just pile on to avoid being on the receiving side of this ridicule. This is common behavior among the asshole. I really appreciate your support. Thanks for reading my story. Dude, You are awesome too.

  14. You got my attention, Tom. I was the same sort of kid in school. Your story resonated with me.

  15. You got my attention, Tom. I was the same sort of kid in school. Your story resonated with me.

  16. You got my attention, Tom. I was the same sort of kid in school. Your story resonated with me.

  17. You got my attention, Tom. I was the same sort of kid in school. Your story resonated with me.

  18. You got my attention, Tom. I was the same sort of kid in school. Your story resonated with me.

  19. You got my attention, Tom. I was the same sort of kid in school. Your story resonated with me.

  20. Richard Koyd says:

    What a great read. Did you use real names ? If the ahole ever reads this I hope his face turns red for a year !

  21. Children are terrible, parents are worse. Romans parents actually believed their child wasn’t a bully and thus encouraged his shitty behavior. I am betting after a summer off he came back just as terrible as he was before.

    I am so glad you got some of your own back!

    I am also glad after you explained to Mrs. Ginn laughed!

    Loved this one Tom, this is excellent.

  22. Gray Dawster says:

    Isn’t it funny how those assholes are everywhere Tom? 🙁
    I am visiting you today from Valentine Logar’s Space, she is
    a lovely friend of mine and after reading your comment on
    her latest Flash in the Pan story I wanted to call in and meet
    Tom Nardone. Poetry can mean so many different things to
    every reader my friend, I admire you for asking your question
    and for reading everyone’s comments in the quest of learning
    the answer.

    Have a very nice evening Tom 🙂


    • Andro Thanks for the nice comment. I have been reading Val for a while now. She is a beautiful person. She and I have had a lot of conversations and she really does get me. I find my self reading articles that I would normally have no interest in, but I like the way she writes so sometimes I am forced to learn things. Val does not write stories about funny things but she makes me laugh.

      I write funny stories or stories I find humor in. I tried to see what you were about but your site is private. I am sure you know that though.

      Andro, it was nice to meet you and feel free to comment in the future. I answer every one.


      • Gray Dawster says:

        Knock on the gates my friend
        and I will grant you access 🙂
        I will check my email in case
        you have already knocked 🙂


      • Gray Dawster says:

        I have just sent you an invite to my Space, and do enjoy your visit whenever you have the opportunity, I write in many genres, have some whacky videos to watch and also some nutty art, I also add FTP’s for Red at her M3 Space,
        as does our mutual friend Valentine 🙂

        Have a fun evening Tom 🙂


  23. bossymoksie says:

    That kid got what he deserved! Too bad he didn’t know it was directly linked to torturing one of his diabolically clever classmates. Oh well.
    I’m glad that you took something painful and used it to fuel your awesomeness. That’s really how it should be done.

    • Bossy thank you. I can always count on you for support. Your amazing ability to see awesomeness can only be because of your own awesomeness. Great to hear from you lady.

  24. Awesome story. I appreciate your sharing it ;0) I was always a different one too, it’s funny how if you can overcome the uneasiness of it, it’s the kind of thing that makes you stronger.

    Anyways, thanks for sharing. I have a nephew with ADD in the first grade as of last week. If he has any issues like yours, now I’ll for surely know how to advise him ;0). Thanks.

    • Tom Nardone says:

      Hey i am glad you enjoyed this. This is actually an exerpt from my book. that i am currently writing.

      I hope it never comes to this for your having to advise him along the path that i took. it was just opporunity met by by luck.

      • Well in either case…I’m equipped to advise now ;0) What kind of book, if you don’t mind me asking?

        • Tom Nardone says:

          I am Thrilled to have you ask. The story you read is an exerpt from the book. I got about 12k words into it and convinced myself that it was silly to try to write a whole book. I have since rethought this and i am just about finished. I have to write the conclusion and then that is it.

          It will be about my growing up untreated as a child and as an adult and the problems that i had. Then it will explain how much better things are for me now that i am treated. I have never laughed and cried so much in the week i just had where wrote the additional 40k words that would complete the book.

          I will make a post when it is published. I noticed that you are now following me. My site also has a facebook page if that works better for you.

          Thanks for asking Kyrie

        • Tom Nardone says:

          I mentioned to one of my followers that i had decided to go ahead and write a book that i had started, after deciding not to write it. She then informed me that she was part owner in a publishing company. I did not even know what she did. She said to send her what i had which was about 12k words. She liked it so this week i cranked out another 39 k words to finish it off and i could not have imagined it being as good as it is.

          My process was to wake up take an adderall and then come up into my mancave and write while listening to the tv show archer all day long with a cold yellow gatorade. I thoroughly enjoyed doing it, and in a way i am sad that it is over.

          • I bet you are. How many pages is it then? I’m so impressed!! Have you read a lot in the genre? Ahh man, so exciting!! I take ritalin so perhaps I should do the same thing ;0) In fact, I have been doing the same thing, but posting material that isn’t as productive as it could be. Your story is inspiring. Will it be book form or e-publishing? Or do you not know yet? I have to get through your blog more thoroughly. I’m very impressed though! Congratulations ;0)

          • Tom Nardone says:


            That is a good question. I hope to see it in print. It is out of my hands at the moment. My editor has it now. She will read it. and i know she will like it, because she liked the first part, and it just gets better from there. if all goes as planned then it will be in print. I don’t know anything beyond that though. she spoke of having someone design the cover, and marketing the book, but i don’t know exactly what this will entail. I would have been fine to just put it on kindle for free. it is much more exciting thinking it could be an actual book though. We will see. I will keep my followers on wordpress, facebook, and twitter up to date. oh also if you did not know, I have a site where i only post ADD articles. It is

            Kyrie, I would love to know what your book is about. I would be happy to help you if i can. If you want to talk about it, i would prefer to do it on facebook or through email. Thanks Kyrie

          • Hi! Thanks for the response. I briefly get into it on my blog under the label at the top called “cultivating beauty.” It kind of examines the premise of the book and the thing I’m trying to figure out yet so that I can finish it. You can check that out if you want first but I’d be happy to talk about it as well!

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  26. I thought that pic looked familiar.

    For what it’s worth, my school days weren’t much better than yours, particularly when I got to middle school. Funny though, I never figured that you were one of the picked on kids. But then again, I’m fast discovering that a lot of the kids we grew up with didn’t have it together as much as we thought.

  27. xtrememom says:

    This story makes me want to laugh, cheer and cry all at the same time. You are an inspiration to others with ADD. Thank you for speaking out. I just shared this on my Facebook page… you can’t contain awesome. 🙂

  28. CK says:

    I was picked on for being white, and poor, and the sister of my two asshole brothers, just older than me.
    I never got even. At some point, I became someone’s tormentor, on a more passive aggressive level.
    My son has ADHD(he’s 14), as much as I talk to him about how wrong bullying is, I’m afraid he is a bit if an asshole.
    I don’t know what to do about that.

    • CK I think you should have your son treated for his condition if he isn’t already. Sometimes the only way to get some one to understand this is to show them how it feels when they treat people this way. This is what i did with my own son. I wrote a story called “I was a kick-ass father” I think perhaps this would explain this a little more clearly

  29. Erica says:

    This is just awesome! I love it, my daughter has ADHD n also my son. It is hard to understand what’s going on in there little heads, or to know how they are doing in school being that I’m not with them. My daughter has been bullied since she started elementary school. I have put my foot down and I am making sure her voice is heard. It’s a long process with the school, but it’s slowly but surely getting there 🙂

    • Erica, that is great!!! I am so inspired this morning. It has been my expierience that their is NO greater thrill than to do something amazing that will change the lives of your kids in a dramatic way. You Erica are the reason I do what I do. I think that I have decided that for the rest of the day, You are my Hero!! GO MOM GO!!!!!

  30. Dawn says:

    In first grade, I was disciplined for getting out of my desk and pacing behind it, while trying to figure out where I had left my pencil. At the time it was totally logical. 🙂 I was bullied in grade school as well, for having frizzy hair, for being overweight, for having zits…by the end of 7th grade I had beaten up enough of the mean boys that they finally left me alone and 8th grade wasn’t too bad.

  31. Sandy says:

    I started to read, and can’t finish it as my tears start running down my cheeks. So much strikes a chord of what we had to endure with our younger son. The laugh of the class.. the blame for everything happening… the teacher standing with her back to the class at the blackboard and hearing noises, would yell our our son’s name, even though it wasn’t him. And there was the day, our son offers to rake the leaves from her lawn, and then asks her if she would give him an A. That meaning.. “be nice to me”. Broke my heart. But through it all, with us standing beside him, working through it, strict with discipline, consequences for actions, routine and lots of positive reinforcement and love, today he is an amazing man. He is a focused loving husband and father, and also highly thought of in his line of work, with recruiters after him all the time. We all came through that period in his life, with more understanding, knowledge and a sense of togetherness. It wasn’t easy, but we did it!

    p.s… I pulled myself together and finished reading…. You go man !!!.. Like we told our son many times, one day you’ll sign pay cheques…. oh yes.. sweet, sweet payback !

    • This was an inspiring story and i am glad you were able to pull it together and see the end. This is an exerpt from my book and I sure hope that you will read it. I think you will laugh cry and cheer.

  32. Marie McGee says:

    Thank you for sharing! I have an 8 1/2 year old with ADHD. She is in 3rd grade and struggles. Still hasn’t learned to read and can be “socially akward”… I guess you would say???. She is soOOoo beautiful and has a kind heart but kids don’t seem to see that. It breaks my heart when she tells me she’s been kicked in the butt, shoes stepped on because she walks too slow, etc. 🙁 My husband and I have talked to her over and over again about standing up for herself… but that is just not in her. Plus, she is scared to death if she tattles or stands up for herself she will get paddled. (We live in the South and they still paddle the kids at school)…Sure she can be bossy (wanting her select few friends to do what she wants to play) but she can’t bring herself to hit anyone back. I think I am going to share this with her this evening when she gets home. I am sure she will get a good chuckle out of it and hopefully it will let her see it’s OK for her to stand up to her bullies!

    • So happy to hear your support for your beautiful daughter. ADHD can really be a blessing or a curse. I sure do hope you will keep me apprised of any developments with her bullies. I would’ve to know how this story ends.

      • Marie McGee says:

        Oh Most def! For the shoe situation : I advised her if the little girl keeps stepping on her shoes to turn around and step on her’s too. She was worried she would get paddled but I told her “No, the teacher will call me…I will come to the school…and if I see the little girls mom I’ll ask her if she’s going to buy you new shoes!” — Think this gave her some motivation!

        • This is pretty exciting for me. I love a hero story. Haha. I really hope this ends well.

          • Marie McGee says:

            I will let D read this & help her write you her “bully plans”! lol

          • One of my favorite followers has a boy named Elliot. He was having a tuff time in school not so much with bullies but grades. I told his mom to ask him to write a story about the things that’s see him angry. He loves my site so he agreed.

            I told his mom I would publish his story on my site if it was good. It was great and it is there if you would like to read it.

            I am not asking you to do this but I will make the same offer to you and your daughter. It did a lot for Elliot. He really enjoyed coming home and seeing what people has to say to him. In any case I would love to hear back from you or both of you. I hate the thought of a roman bothering anyone.

          • Marie McGee says:

            I just read Elliot’s! He sounds so much like Daphne! Going to have to leave him some feedback! This could possibly be good for D! I will def. talk to her about it… of course I would have to write for her (since she can’t yet) but she can tell me what to write. Maybe she will write about her Roman’s…. or what makes her angry! You never know with her! 🙂

          • If she wants to, that I is great.

  33. Marie McGee says:

    From Daphne: I loved the story. It was awesome! Well my name is Daphne Starlite and i would kick A’s (girl from her school) B-U-T-T because on the bus I totally thought about writing “kick me” on a sticky note because Im tired of her being nasty and rude and being a brat. I’m going to write you a story later. My mama said I could. And my favorite part is when you took his underwear and socks… love Daphne

    • Hello Daphne Starlite,
      I really like the name Daphne. I am very sorry to hear about the problems you are having in school. It is not easy when people pick on you. I hate bullies and I understand that there is a fear that we all have whenever we are put to the task of standing up to them. That fear is what they are depending on. They only want to pick on people that will let them. They are lazy. If you were to act as a girl who did not let them pick on you they would would just say, “You know what? Picking on Daphne is just too hard. Lets find something else to do, it is not fun anymore”

      Now Daphne you speak with your mother and you do whatever she tells you to do. Moms know how to deal with bullies. You will feel better after you do it. You are a smart and special young lady, and the world has been blessed by your existence in it. I do not advocate violence but if it comes to pass that your butt or their butt get’s kicked. I vote for their butt.

      It is OK to be scared, but I want you to know i will be proud of you no matter what happens.

      Daphne I would love to read a story if you were to write one. Your mom says you are a nice young lady. I really enjoyed reading your message. Thanks Daphne.

      Your new friend, Tom Nardone 🙂

    • Agent 54 says:

      That was a great audible.

      • Thanks for the support 54 i just spent the last 15 minutes carefully crafting my reponse to someone who did not see it as you do. 2688 people at present and finally poor roman got some support. that is bullshit!

  34. Darryl McElyea says:

    Hey Tom, awsome story. I didn’t know we had so much in common. My school days were awful, I dont talk about them. You have my respect. Good luck with book.

  35. Darryl McElyea says:

    Hey Tom, loved the story. It was an awsome ending. Would loved to have been there.

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  37. Agent 54 says:

    That was great!

    I was the kid that learned how to fight. Beat the crap out of someone in the beginning of every school year and you had it made.

  38. Martin says:

    Please get your children the professional help they need… Listen, care and never give up. It will change their future…

  39. Miss ADD says:

    Tom, this was a very touching story. Many of us with ADD, myself included struggled academically as well as socially in school. Thanks for writing this it touched me.

  40. Tierra says:

    Great read as always! I can relate to you. I had difficulty socially myself. Keep’em coming!

  41. shana says:

    Wow I can relate to this! My whole childhood, adulthood… Ridiculed, minimised,misunderstood, bullied, feeling worthless but so full of love for others it hurts! I still haven’t gotten to that point where I turn around and stand up for myself, believing if I’m nice enough ppl will finally love and accept me. They dont, they just think imweak. I think the day is finally coming when I say no more. Reading this has given me another push in the right direction. Thanks Tom 🙂

  42. and this is why you are my favorite…dont tell ned.


  43. karen698 says:

    What a beautifully sad story, with a saweeeet ending. Poor kid- he never saw it coming. I hope he knew it was you and never told.

    • No one ever knew until the day I wrote this story. This was an excerpt from my book Karen. I guess roman should have thought twice before tangling ass with me. I am glad you liked it. I laughed at your comment because it was not until then did I ever even think about what roman must have thought when he watched his pants slide off and out if the stall. Thanks for the belly laugh. I am still laughing.

      • karen698 says:

        I will definitely get your book. Tickled that I made u laugh over it. I will imagine him going through the stages of grief on that toilet. Denial, anger… wait, what are they?

  44. Total ADDle-brain — Comment HERE? hmmm – I commented in a box above, so I’ll just say DITTO! here and skip the dreaded PFC-intensive decision-wrangling.


  45. Just made it through the comments. Congrats on getting the book out the door and into the hands of an editor since our conversation. IMPRESSIVE folow-thru!

    You da’ man! (an an inspiration).

    xx, mgh

    • Tom Nardone says:

      Yes Hopefully she will just say, “Okay lets talk about the cover” instead of stomping all over it again. I think I have used up all my patience. Thanks for the kind words. I am going to send you FB Message

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