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tumblr_nxyscfxvRI1rj50pjo1_1280-274274313-1503699024343.pngAs may of your already know I was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor. First I want to thank so many of you for your support to me as I move forward. It has taken a toll on me but I have managed to joke about it here and there, but I must say it has also changed me in many ways.


Things once important, to perhaps even most important have become the things of little thought these days. I mean things like bills money, my house and many other things the we typically see as very important.


I also am finding it difficult to be cynical about the world in general which I just about always am. I have not found fault with many people at all. I find myself far more empathetic toward people and wanting to help them more than I normally would. Even some who perhaps might have deserved a little drama, I abstain from it. (I will say as I was writing this very paragraph a bully to the entire ADHD community named Grant Crowell tried to start up with me about something I posted that he did not like and admittedly it was my pleasure to spank his little ass like the child he has become.) but for the most part I have been and am mostly passive


Many of you have been awaiting an update and I can now give you the most current update I have. The doctors met today to discuss my case and decided that surgery is the best way to go. The bad news is they do not believe they will be able to get it all. My surgery is scheduled for the 19th of september so we will be leaving on the 18th.


It is not known if the tumor is cancerous and I don’t know if there will be any procedure that will follow the surgery, be it chemo or radiation. Whatever they decide I will be more than happy to go through. I am not ready to die. There are things I want to do and things I want to achieve. I feel I have at least one or two more books in me. I know of at least two people who are interested in getting podcasts up and running. I would like to help them. There people who reach out to me asking my advice in regard to themselves or their children who need my encouragement. I want to be there for them.


After my surgery I am going to be out of work for a month. I don’t plan to lie in bed pleasuring myself while I play video games. (ya know not the whole time) There are two new books I have ideas for and one of which wich be co written by my wife Yvonne. She has been a godsend to me through all of this and I could not possibly imagine how she could do anymore than she already has.


Other minor health issues have also surfaced with me as a result of all of the tests I have been through. I plan to start eating right and exercising and I am a little excited to see the benefits that will result from this.


I am still very scared about the coming days and I look forward to being out of the woods with all of that. I spoke at length with Rick Green yesterday and he explained to me that sometimes when bad things happen, more good things happen as a result. I am already seeing this, and going forward, this is what I plan to look for.This is what I plan to find.

Im Tom Nardone and you’re welcome.

Help me. I can only spread so much bullshit by myself.
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I am Afraid, but I am not finished. (not even Close)

20643825_1618999434779869_1792135321_nI am really scared. I do have a great family who loves me and a superb network of friends. My fear stems from losing my words. My words are the very thing that elevated me from the person i once was and ever wish to be again, to the person everyone knows me as today.

It was my words i used in my blog that put me on the map in the ADHD community. It was my words i used to tell my story about growing up adhd and connected with so many of you. It is my words i use every day at home depot to tell and to teach others how to solve there problems in their homes. I believe i would rather lose my site than the ability to speak, This is what i am most afraid of.

Yesterday while peeing i had this overwhelming guilt about not getting anything done. I felt guilt about the condition of my room and about the condition of the house.

As I finished peeing I felt a strange throbbing at my upper gums and the right side of my head. I remarked out loud to myself “What the hell is going on here” only those were not the words that came out. I was scary knowing what I wanted to say but not having the ability to say them. I had some difficulty breathing and i got really scared. I thought about all the people i need to say things to and how awful it would be to be trapped in my own body without the ability to tell people of my appreciation for having read my book or my blog.

I thought about all the people who needed me to tell them how to fix their homes. People who depended on me to tell them how to fix the things in there house.

The truth is I believe Iam Tom Nardone because of my words and my ability to use them when they are needed or wanted. I think about the person I am without them and wonder how will i manage.

Over the last 5 years I have amassed many followers and I truly love each and every one of you. One of which who comes to mind is Cassandra Hovi . she is not a master of the english language and I depend on google translate to correspond with her in sweden. She is very important to me just like all of you..

Whatever it takes to get better I will do and Yvonne will make sure of that. I don’t believe this is the end but the beginning. Perhaps i will do as many do and find some new lease on life. Perhaps i will be more open to things i was once closed, or perhaps I will care more about things i once dismissed.

I don’t generally like change but perhaps it is time to re-invent myself and examine what is my purpose for being here. Entertainment has always been the purpose of my being but maybe there is something else I want to do. I don’t know but i am excited to explore these things. I will be back. don’t worry. I have manny more things to say. I am still in love with the sound of my own voice and plan to use it as long as i can

Thank you to everyone who has commented on my initial post last night. I cannot bring myself to read them yet. I will when I can and i will answer them all.
I love and cherish everyone of ou from the bottom of my heart and soul. I will keep you posted. Perhaps tonight on a Zoom meeting.

Im Tom Nardone and Your Welcome.

Help me. I can only spread so much bullshit by myself.
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The Light of Empathy

The Light of Empathy

I, like many people, take my own talents for granted. There are many things I can do, and when I want to do them, I just do them and they are done. These are therefore not a big deal to me.

On the other hand, to someone who is unable to do them, they are a big deal. I work at The Home Depot. It is my job to help people. I help people everyday, but sometimes I get an opportunity to change or improve someone’s life.

A few days ago I met a lady who was recently widowed. Her name was Shirley. She came in and asked if Home Depot could install two light fixtures for her. She had already purchased them from a mail order catalog and showed me the pictures she cut out of her magazine. The truth is that our district is one of few that to don’t install lights or fans. I explained this to her and apologized. I asked if she knew anyone else who could help her. This is when everything changed for me.

She said her husband used to do all these things. She went on to say she had called seven different electricians and no one returned her call. She did not even have a power source where the lights were to be installed because her apartment complex would not allow this. She accepted this and decided she was content to have them hung just for decorations.

When people are asked questions, it is just a reflex to simply answer them. Many people in retail believe their purpose to be just that. I suppose they are not wrong. However, I did not hear a question for which I was to  provide an answer. I saw a poor defeated lady who just wanted to improve her surroundings and all it would take was someone willing to care enough about her.

Home Depot does not generally make a practice of going to customer homes to do this kind of thing. Particularly not when it for something they did not buy from us. I wanted to see a good ending for her, and so I asked for her phone number and told her I would call her in an hour. I said, “Shirley I am going to figure this out for you. Go home and wait for my call.”

I got permission from a manager to leave work early and go to her home and take care of this for her. When I called Shirley and told her of this she did not believe me at first. She was overjoyed and could not believe this was going to happen the same day we spoke of it. She asked me how much I charged. I laughed and said “nothing”. She cried and said “Thank you so much”.

I got to her home and put up the lights, but kept thinking how much better it would be if the lights were to work. When I got finished, I asked her to come by the store the next day because I had an idea for how to make the lights work.

The next morning as soon as i got to work, I took two regular light bulbs and glued a battery powered LED light to them. When she came in they were finished. She remarked that this never would have occurred to her. She said,”Tom you are an amazing brilliant man”. To which I replied, “Yes ma’am I really am. How astute of you to see that”. She laughed. She then cried and hugged me and then I cried. She could not have been happier. Sadly my job with her, was done.

I think how tragic it would have been if she had gone to another store or spoke with another associate. I count myself lucky was the person she asked. it is sad to imagine her walking out of the store no better off than she went in. I take great pride in having a job at a company that celebrates this type of initiative and allows me to make this opportunity into a reality.

It doesn’t happen everyday or even every month. Sometimes when I think the things I do are not important or that they don’t matter, I think back to some of the Shirleys or Edies I have encountered. It is then I am fully aware why I do what I do.

I am Tom Nardone, and you are welcome.

Help me. I can only spread so much bullshit by myself.
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A Stop Sign for Edie

2016-05-01 16.21.07I am Tom Nardone. I work at the Home Depot in the electrical dept. Having been there for 17 years, I have a wide array of skill sets and therefore I am one of the default people who are called upon to answer questions not known by some of the junior associates. You know because… I’m awesome.

Near the beginning of April I was called to the front of the store and asked to speak with a lady named Betty. She explained to me that the girl she was with, was her grand-daughter and her name was Edie.

They were out looking for a stop-sign because Edie desired to have one hanging on the wall in her room. I explained to her we did not carry them and was not sure where they could get this anywhere else.

I noticed that this made Edie upset and I could tell from her movements and mannerisms she was Autistic. Home Depot is, and has been for years very involved in “Autism Awareness”. This was the beginning of April which is Autism Awareness month so I decided I would take a project upon myself and make a difference in the life of another. I asked Edie, “Edie what if I was to make a stop sign for you?” she smiled very big and I was sure I would figure out how to do this for her.2016-05-01 16.21.21

I wanted to make the sign very big. It was 4 feet square and the first thing I did was to cut out the octagon. This was a challenge but I got it done because you know, Tom Nardone.

I painted it red but I was unsure at my ability to properly write out the letters. I enlisted the help of a coworker who runs the flooring dept. She got the letters traced out and began to paint them.

I tried to get in touch with Betty (Edie’s grandmother) but no matter how many times I called I was unsuccessful. I told Chris don’t worry about finishing because I had not heard back from her in a few days and I was not sure I would. A week went by then two and I had all but given up on it. I stored the unfinished sign and put it out of my head. I was very disappointed. I thought maybe she did not really want it and seeing my excitement, she just could not bring herself to tell me so.

2016-05-01 16.20.55Then quite unexpectedly today on the first of May she came back to enquire about it. I told her I would have it done by 4 o’clock and to come back.

I managed to finish the letters and the trim and it was ready.

Edie showed up with her parents and was so excited she kept asking if she could see it. I took her and her parents and her sister to the back of the store and asked them to wait while I went to get her brand new stop sign, and brought it out and put it in front of her. The look on her face was worth it all. She was so excited she seemed not to know how to behave. She agreed to have her picture taken with me. That was my favorite part.

I suppose no one would have thought any less of me if I had a month ago simply explained that I did not know where to find a stop sign. If I had simply asked them to check the internet which is quickly becoming the most common answer when people don’t know where to get things.

File May 01, 5 10 56 PM

Rarely in our lives do opportunities present themselves and just as rare are our ability to see them as such. I am unaware of how many I have missed, but I am quite aware of those I have seized.

Edie is a lovely girl and I do not see as a seized opportunity, but I do see the both of us as the beneficiaries of an opportunity not lost.

I am Tom Nardone, and you are welcome.

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Chasing Kites with Tom Nardone

Thanks to my good friend Eric Tivers for having me on ADHD Rewired to talk about my Book. You can listen to Eric on ADHD Rewired, iTunes, or Soundcloud. New episode every Tuesday.

front-200x300Popular returning guest Tom Nardone, of The Tom Nardone Show, walks through his book Chasing Kites, detailing his childhood stories of dealing with life, school, family, and ADHD.

Go to for the full show notes and links mentioned in this episode.

Purchase a copy of Tom Nardone’s book HERE

Go to to schedule a free 20-minute consultation with Eric if you’re interested in the next Coaching and Accountability Group.

Or, if you want more information about the next ADHD reWired Coaching and Accountability Group, go to

For a free audio-book download from our sponsor, please visit

Help the CHADD organization by donating to their fundraising campaign here:

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Chasing Kites by Tom Nardone is Available Right Now!!

 Chasing Kites is available right now!

The day has finally come. Today, my first book Chasing Kites,tumblr_ni4edt2Cdu1rj50pjo1_270  is available to the world. It is the story of my experiences growing up with ADHD in a world where there was not a widely known diagnosis. This is not a collection of articles from my blog though I have shared many of the stories in the past. This was a very personal project that often brought me to tears from laughter and sadness. I personally feel  I did a good job with it. It is my hope  you like it as well.

There are a lot of people besides me that helped to make this happen. I would like to recognize them now. I respect the possibility that many of you may not give a shit about that so you may either click here to purchase Chasing Kites, or go back to Facebook by clicking here.


Continue reading

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An Unforgettable Halloween w/ Kotex & Brody Bricker

Halloween-brody-brickerThis Halloween is remembered by many.

I have written about Brody Bricker before and some of you love him and some of you hate him. He was my best friend as a child growing up from the third grade through the seventh grade. He was a very bad kid and lived to cause mischief. Read of his other exploits here.

One Halloween when we were nine-years-old, I went to Brody’s house before we were to go out trick-or-treating. When I arrived, he did not yet have his costume on. I went as Batman and he was going to be Superman. When I entered his house his mother told me to go back to his room. Continue reading

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Bad Guys | Mayberry Goes Gangster!

The Bad Guys? Why do we root for them?

tom-nardone-bad-guys-1Writers sometimes cause us to temporarily forsake their own morals, and beliefs. During certain movies and TV shows, people will cast aside their understanding of right and wrong and root for the bad guys. I have no problem with this; I just find it to be amazing.

I remember growing up as many did watching the Andy Griffith Show, Leave it to Beaver and My Three Sons. These were family oriented shows and generally taught lessons about being a family and making the right decisions when faced with problems. When we played as kids no one wanted to be the bad guy. Even the cop shows through the 70s and 80s were centered on the cops being the good guys and always triumphing over the bad guys. TV today is not this way. Continue reading

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Used Shit is the Best Shit


People love to buy new shit for themselves. I count myself among them. There is nothing quite like unwrapping a new TV or a new laptop. Open the box and tear open the plastic. The smell of the factory air enters my nose as if to tell me, “Tom, I am yours. Use me and abuse me.”

Not everything you buy should be new. There are some things we are better off buying used. There are certain things you should never buy new. Continue reading

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Tom & Yvonne Nardone Take Orlando



My wife and I went to Orlando Florida this past week. I was not real wild at the idea of going anywhere that was not my man-cave or my living room. I am on record with my feelings on ever leaving the house. I still cannot believe we went this far away from home. I have lots of anxiety about being far from home and my chair; even when we go out for an hour or two.

We had made and paid for our reservations so our departure was eminent. I thought there was a glimmer of hope when Yvonne told me it would be overcast and rainy all next week in Orlando. I was actually euphoric for a moment and thought, “WOW we may be going to Orlando, but at least we don’t have to do anything!”

Later when I came home I found a bag on the kitchen table containing two ponchos. Yes, apparently my wife is hell-bent on doing shit while we are in Orlando. She was so committed that she was willing to do it in the rain if need be. I have got to admire her tenacity.

The morning before we left, things almost got gangster between us. spidertom--OrlandoShe was showing me you-tube videos of the rides at Universal Studios. There are a lot of rides there. The videos were of the insane people who have dared to ride on these machines designed to scare the shit out of their customers. I have no interest in shitting in my pants unless I am at work and trying to think of a reason to leave early. I told Yvonne I would not be riding them.

She then points out the fact that a bunch of kids are shown on the ride having a great time and laughing. “Sorry Yvonne, those kids are not yet smart enough to realize the risk they are taking. They are also with their parents and when kids are with their parents, there is an implied safety they feel. The demeanor of those kids is by no means based on their research or knowledge of the world.” It could simply be that their parents are without the benefit of brains.


Tom & Yvonne

The Car trip was quite exciting. Yvonne and I are not used to paying tolls. We don’t travel on toll roads ever and Florida has toll roads. We went into the line at the toll booth, and I think the lady said,”$3.00 please”.  I handed her my debit card, but this was, of course, not good enough. Apparently the toll booth industry is a cash-only business. She gave us a card and asked us to please mail them a payment within a few days. (HAHA Yeah Okay). The next toll booth we went to the wrong booth it was the exact change booth, and there was no attendant. We sat there for a moment looking at each other, and then simply drove off. I have to say, for us, this felt like a real Bonnie and Clyde moment.


Garbage Gardens

Arriving in Orlando

Finally, we arrived at our hotel. Our accommodations at “Garbage Gardens” were not bad. I mean a hotel in Orlando for fifty bucks a night is not easy to find, but I am glad we did. The toilet did not flush so I came up with the great plan of filling up the garbage can with water from the tub and flushing it that way. I don’t recommend you use hot water if you find yourself ever needing to do this; WOW.


Heather & Carter Williams

Day one: at the park we went straight to the Harry Potter ride called “Diagon Alley”.  I will admit it was impressive but we waited in line for Five Hours. I don’t care how awesome it was, it was not worth five hours of my life that I will never get back. However Yvonne and I met a lovely lady named Heather Williams, and her son Carter. We laughed and joked and told stories. They were completely awesome. They both gave us the ins and outs of the park. Their tips helped Yvonne and I avoid a lot of rookie mistakes.

Day two: was completely awesome. We did nothing but sit in the room all day and watch house of cards on Netflix. Our asses were whipped from the twelve hour visit the day before.

Day three: was crazy. Yvonne had been trying to get me to go on these insane roller coasters and I refused over and over. However, I got an impulse and decided to ride “The Hulk”. This is an ass-twisting, shit-extracting, white knuckle thrill ride of a roller coaster. There was NO line so I said, “Okay Yvonne, let’s do it.” We went right up to the entrance and entered the ride. It lasted about forty-five seconds. When we got off the ride, Yvonne was nearly catatonic. I was fine. But Yvonne was not interested riding any more insane rides; which was fine with me.

We spent the last two days at the ADDA Conference. That story will be on my other blog. We were in Orlando for five nights and we did not eat out every night. We went to the grocery store but we forgot to buy forks or spoons. I think the sight of me eating potato salad out of the container with my fingers was a little more than Yvonne was ready to witness. God bless her.

The ride home was fun. Yvonne and I talked and laughed for almost the whole eight hours. I think in some ways this was the best part of the trip. Yvonne is funny and a great conversationalist. I love her more than I love sitting on my ass.

Seeing my house as we pulled in was wonderful. Upon entering my home I saw the greatest thing of all. My chair was waiting patiently for me. I could almost hear it begging for my ass to plant itself firmly in its bosom. Life is good.

I am Tom Nardone and you are welcome.


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