Homeless People | The Romance of True Freedom

Homeless People

tom-nardone-homeless-peopleHomeless people are called vagrants, drifters, beggars, pan-handlers, and so forth. As a society, some of us tend to look down upon homeless people. We are offended at the fact they just walk the earth, with their hand out. We believe homeless people simply depend on working people for a little bit of their hard earned money. To my shame, I admit I too once judged these people. I no longer do. Thiking about these people recently,  I have determined I have a great deal of respect for homeless people. Continue reading

Eating. The Absolute Ultimate Pain in My Ass!


Eating is perhaps the most necessary of evils. We all must do it. Eating is a burden all living things must bear. I personally cannot stand eating. I would go as far as to say I am indifferent toward food in general. I find every day in almost every area of my life, food is causing be difficulty, inconvenience, pain, or irritation. It never fails. You may not realize it but it affects you the same way. Continue reading

Getting Hired. I am the Pied Piper, Follow Me!

pied-piper-getting -hiredGetting hired is a skill those of us with ADHD need to possess. As ADHD people we can sometimes find ourselves being shit-canned from jobs. I know some of you may be offended by this idea, but believe it or not many of the traits we exhibit can have a negative impact on our employer’s perception of us and the job we do. We carry this failure into the next interview, while doubting our own ability, and end up not getting hired.

Getting hired is not a contest, but a form of art. It is a game. It is a dance. Getting hired is something I have accomplished over twenty times in a single year. It sure as hell was not because I was the most qualified person for the job twenty times. It is because I am a fan of the art, I understand the game, and there are few better at the dance than I. Continue reading

Teenagers v/s Parents

Teenagers! Respect the Code


Teenagers-tom-nardone-4There is a code that exists between parents and teenagers who are sixteen and older. With little kids it is easy because they don’t know shit. They don’t even know that they don’t know shit. You tell them there is an Easter bunny or a fat-ass man dressed in red who flies around once a year to deliver gifts and they just buy it. Little kids are not educated enough about the world to think they know how it works. In this regard, they are perhaps smarter than many teenagers. Teenagers think they understand shit. It is so annoying. Continue reading

Lying, It’s Not Just Necessary, It’s Fun!

lying-tom-nardone-homelessWe have all been told since we were kids lying is wrong. I think it is a fine lesson. Kids lying should not be permitted by parents. They should admit their wrong doings and face the consequences. When I was a child, I did not ever consider lying to my parents. However, I am not a child any more. Continue reading

Manipulation | Harness its Power, and Eat Its Fruits

tom-nardone-manipulationManipulation can bring you great rewards. Everyone is nosy about something. I for one am today and always have been nosy and curious, and particularly so at the workplace. Workplace gossip is among the finest entertainment of which I am aware. I love it and I want to know it all. I don’t want to be left out of the conversations or theories surrounding the whispers. I want to weigh in and be heard among the busiest of tongues. I am like a dry sponge when it comes to workplace gossip, standing ever so ready to suck it all up. Continue reading

Bullshitting yourself Bullshit 102 (BS102) Part II


Bullshitting yourself is what gets things done

Welcome back class, to bullshit 102 “Bullshitting Yourself”. Thank you to those of you who have completed (BS101) This particular method of bullshit is one I discovered a while back and it is the method I use when I must get things done. I have found this effective and I thought I would make this one part of the curriculum.  Continue reading